Getting Personal

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Hey There,

I am Ressa Tolman. I am a budding photographer, just trying to live life to the fullest. 

My photography journey started in 2016. I received a my first digital camera as a wedding gift from my grandmother, a simple Canon Rebel T6. This was unbelieving exciting to me, as I had wanted a digital camera for a long time. Quickly, my photography hobby became a true passion. I took my camera on every adventure with me, taking hundreds of photos everywhere I went. Soon, I learned that I loved taking photos of people, driving family and friends crazy by taking pictures of them at all times. But I just loved capturing the honest moments between people, and I loved the idea of making moments last a lifetime.

I have always loved art in all forms, and I knew that I would love working in the arts. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get wrapped up in life. From a young age we are drilled with the idea that money equates to success of life, and that you cannot have a lucrative career in the arts. Throughout my adult life I have consistently worried about "what i'm supposed to do", never truly stopping to consider what I want to do. I have spent the last few years receiving schooling and pursuing more "responsible" career paths. Recently people have reached out to me to get portraits taken. While very exciting, I was also terrified of where my photography journey was headed. I struggled, and am still struggling with overcoming self-doubt. One day my husband gave me a bit of advice,  "Take a chance on yourself", and that's what I am choosing to do. Instead of pursuing responsibility, I am pursuing happiness. 

Aside from a photographer, I am:

↠ A wife to an awesome husband                      

↠ A dog mom to two Heelers

↠ Coffee Drinker                                                   

↠ Adventure Seeker

↠ D&D Player                                                         

↠ Lover of Love

Ressa Tolman